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TTF Forum for logistics

TTF is an independent Swedish association of professionals with the purpose of furthering knowledge in the area of logistics.

TTF works through arranging e.g. breakfast and lunch meetings, conferences and seminars on topics related to the logistics business and by influencing politicians and other policy makers, locally and on government level.

The association´s members participate to a high degree, including being active as speakers or by publishing articles in papers, the net and other forum.

Some of the topics generally being on the activities list are:

  • Logistics
  • Actual situation of the various modes of transportation
  • Warehousing and terminals including handling equipment, forklift trucks etc.
  • Internal logistics
  • Roads, traffic, road maintenance (winter conditions in particular)
  • Organization of transports
  • IT
  • Materials handling
  • The economics of logistics
  • Transportation research and politics
  • Traffic related safety matters
  • Packaging standards
  • Environment impact
  • Dangerous goods
  • Damage to goods and pilferage
  • Etc.

Membership is personal but fees may be paid by a company or other organization, the fee currently (2016) being 900SEK/year whereof 650SEK is a service fee which is deductible, VAT to be added.